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How did Thomas Edison solve his problems?
He did more than 6,000 experiments to invent carbon light‐ bulb filament
He did 10,296 experiments to invent nickel/iron battery

“genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”


TRIZ is...
• an approach to directing the development of new products and processes
• systematic and predictable methodology for data‐based creativity and innovation
• way of pointing out multiple potential solution paths and concepts for solutions


TRIZ in a nutshell 1. Structured Process

Use algorithms to enhance creativity through the scientific application of methods and principles.

Used in solving complex technical problems and assist in generating more higher quality solutions in less time

2. Best Practices

Represents the distillation of the best practices of successful inventors and problem solvers from across many fields of human invention.

Relies on proven knowledge that has been applied time and again throughout mankind’s history.

3. Reliable & Repeatable

Provide the innovator with reliable and repeatable results‐results that do not depend on personal creative ability or psychological techniques such as brainstorming.

Promote reuse of innovation principles and strategies.

About Us

The Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ) is a non-profit organization that exists for the benefit of those who know the TRIZ methodology, want to learn TRIZ, and wish to apply TRIZ for the benefit of all mankind in the country.

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