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MyTRIZ Update… Inspiring a nation


Another year has come to a close.  We can look back with pride the commanding position that TRIZ has made in Malaysia as well as the neighboring countries.   I’m pleased to share some great achievements made in the last 4 months of the year.

Creating a sharing platform through MyTRIZ Workshop

Close to 200 participants from 7 regional countries attended the MyTRIZ Workshop 2011.  The workshop was organized by Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ) in partnership with Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Multimedia Development Corporation, Intel Malaysia and Institute of Mechanical Engineers Malaysia. The workshop was hosted at Dewan Seri Sarjana, inside the campus of Universiti Tenaga Nasional Malaysia on 14-16th November 2011.

Approximately half of the participants were from university, another one-third were from industry and the balance from the government agencies. A third of the participants were women, comprising mostly from academicians.

The first of its kind in South East Asia, the MyTRIZ Workshop was an unprecedented event where TRIZ practitioners and beginners met to learn from Dr. Sergei Ikovenko, TRIZ Master, President of International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) and Professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The event was aimed at building a network of TRIZ practitioners in Malaysia and South East Asia, and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices among them.

The Workshop was organized at a time where interest in innovation is growing in Malaysia and around the region. Those who came to the workshop were looking for answers to some crucial questions regarding the appropriatemethod to teach and apply innovation subjects in the education system as well as industry development efforts.  These questions and many otherswere addressed aptly by Dr Sergei Ikovenko in line with the workshop theme of “Inventing the future with systematic innovation”.

During the first day, Dr. Sergei covered two main topics.  First topic was an introduction of TRIZ aimed to help the folks who have just beenexposed to the subject. Second topic was on the S-Curve and the 4 stages of transition.

On the second day, the facilitator focused his sharing on innovation portfolio analysis.  The analysis dived into the customer value map and innovation agenda.  A discussion on disruptive and sustaining innovation was orchestrated to look into the strategic potential.

On the last day, Dr Sergei wrapped up the workshop with an introduction to trends of engineering systems evolution. Four main trends namely trends of value increase, completeness and trimming, trend of transition to super-system, trends of coordination and controllability increase, and trends of dynamization increase were covered with the participants.

On the overall, the responses from participants were overwhelming.  Some of feedback from the event:

“It gives me new perspective about innovation and possibility of new explorations. Make me aware of system changes”.

“The workshop is useful not only for engineers’ perspective but also on the business and marketing point”.

“Really enjoyed the entire workshop and has learnt a lot”.

Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ) wishes to acknowledge with deep gratitude the facilitator, Dr. Sergei Ikovenko and event organizers, Dr. TS Yeoh, Tan Eng Hoo, Ashley Cheah, Matthew Rau, SK Khoo, Dr. Ong Hang See and Dr. Agileswari Ramasamy for the detailed planning and successful organization of the workshop. The sponsorship support from Multimedia Development Corporation, Intel Malaysia, Universiti Tenaga Malaysia, Institution of Mechanical Engineers Malaysia and SMART Board by EP-TEC are also gratefully acknowledged.


Continuing to fuel the TRIZ learning platform

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) organized a mini TRIZ seminar on 24th November 2011 to motivate the students to learn the TRIZ application in local industry.  Thanks go to Dr Ismail Abdullah for initiating the seminar and Mr. Issac Lim for sharing his TRIZ experience.

The first instructorship class was held at Uniten on 5-6th December 2011.  19 academicians qualified to conduct TRIZ Level 1 from a pool of 723 TRIZ practitioners.

The last TRIZ class for the year was held at KDU Penang on 19-20th December 2011.  50 academicians and 3 MDeC personnel attended the TRIZ Level 1 class conducted by Mr. Nagappan Annamalai.

Nanyang Siang Pau, a leading local Chinese newspaper gave an extensive coverage on teaching of TRIZ subject at KDU.  Thanks to Dr Teoh Kok Soo and Dr. Satesh Namasivayam for promoting the methodology to the students and reaching out to educate the community.

With this, it is exciting to wrap up another year, I’m so proud and grateful to be part of such great community.

Happy New Year!

Dr TS Yeoh, MyTRIZ President

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The Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ) is a non-profit organization that exists for the benefit of those who know the TRIZ methodology, want to learn TRIZ, and wish to apply TRIZ for the benefit of all mankind in the country.

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