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MyTRIZ Competition 2013 finalists announced

The MyTRIZ Competition 2013 was launched five months ago in May 2013. The response was amazing, with a total of  73 teams registered to participate in this regional competition. There were 50 teams who successfully submitted their proposals by the dateline of 31 Aug 2013.

A team of local TRIZ experts spent almost 5 weeks reviewing the submissions and selecting the finalists. The judges were impressed by the quality of submissions and found selecting the finalists for the competition very tough. However, a decision had to be made and only 8 teams will get to continue their journey to the finals.

The MyTRIZ Competition 2013 finalists, in no particular order, are:

BreakThrough (UKM/UPM)

Cielo (TAR UC)

Green Ocean (TAR UC)



Sawaddee TRIZ (Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology)

T.T.L. BrainStorm (TAR UC)

University TRIZ Malaysia (UTM)

Congratulations to the finalists! The 8 teams will have a month to further enhance their proposals.  Submission of the final proposals is by 16 Nov 2013. The MyTRIZ Competition 2013 Finals will be held on 29 Nov 2013 at the Golden Sands Resorts, Penang, where a total prize money of RM 21,000 await the winners.

We greatly encourage you to attend the MyTRIZ Competition 2013 Finals to see these excellent teams present their innovative and creative ideas to the problems posed.   For complimentary tickets to the finals, please sign on to , locate the Event tab and register under the Competition event.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn!

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