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MyTRIZ Competition 2015 Finalists Announcement
There is a saying that to be incrementally better, you will need to be competitive but to be exponentially better, you must be cooperative.  With the spirit of competition and cooperation, 99 teams from 29 organizations and 9 countries registered to compete in this year’s MyTRIZ Competition.
The competition in its 4th year has made another jump on quality of submission and level of competitiveness. The judges embarked on the extensive process of evaluation and worked through hours of decision making to arrive at the selection. With the stiff competition, the judges recommended 9 instead of 8 teams as originally set in the competition rules featured in the Finals. 
Drum rolls … … …
The finalists are:
Avengers (MTZ2347)
BreakThrough (MTZ9028)
GTeV-1 (MTZ3695)
HOPE (MTZ2341)
Supernova (MTZ8136)
UTM TRIZ Center of Excellent (MTZ1431)
WeSolve (MTZ4714)
To the finalists, please prepare the required Word (20 pages-max) and PowerPoint (20 slides-max) documents for submission to, and by 8th Nov 2015.  You may seek TRIZ experts feedback to strengthen your proposals. Your registration to MyTRIZ Workshop and Competition Finals 2015 will be done by the organizer. 
For those who did not make the finals, do not be disappointed. Try again next year.  If you wish to obtain the inputs on your submissions, please write to for the feedback. You are invited to the MyTRIZ Workshop and Competition Finals 2015.  Please attend the Competition Finals on 24th Nov 2015 to learn from the TOP 9 teams.  Do register at if you have not done so already. 
Let the spirit of cooperation strives, we will learn together and aim to be exponentially better.
MyTRIZ Competition 2015 Judges
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