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MyTRIZ Conference 2016 - Abstract Acceptance Notification
Thank you for submitting your abstract for the MyTRIZ Conference 2016.  We have received a total of 40+ submissions.  The abstracts have been reviewed by the Program Committee and found that they have met the preliminary acceptance requirements. CONGRATULATIONS!  The list of 40 accepted abstracts is at the end of this message. 
You may begin writing your full paper now. The full conference paper would highlight the contribution of your work in the area of TRIZ. It should be submitted with the inclusion of the following main contents:
1. Paper Title
2. Name and affiliation of main author and co-authors
3. Abstract
4. Introduction
5. Methodology
6. Results
7. Discussion
8. Conclusion
9. References
All submissions must use the template that could be found in the attachment. Using this template format, the paper should be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 10 pages. The full paper is due on 31st July 2016. Submission should be made to
Reviews will be a double-blind process and feedback will be provided accordingly. Your presentation in the conference is contingent upon approval of your full and final paper by the Review Committee. The general review criteria are as follow:
1. Audience interest and applicability:
     - Demonstrate applicability
2. Significance of the problem:
     - Clearly identify the problem being solved
     - Communicate the significance of the problem
3. Usage of TRIZ methodology:
     - Demonstrated usage of TRIZ tools
4. Innovative solutions:
     - Demonstrate new or breakthrough solutions
     - Compare against alternatives and past methods
5. Write-up quality:
     - Paper must be clearly written with correct grammar
If you have any questions about your submission, feel free to contact us at
List of accepted abstracts for MyTRIZ Conference 2016:
1. Disposable dispenser tip.
2. System integration of Traffic Signal Preemption and Global Positioning System for emergency vehicles.
3. Technology development and assessment to Market Framework using TRIZ.
4. Technology forecasting using Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ): A case study of automotive headlamp system.
5. Developing innovation of Automotive Control System using TRIZ methodology.
6. Simplified TRIZ contradiction process to ease inventive problem solving.
7. Application of TRIZ to develop secure and usable Authentication System for mobile computing devices.
8. TRIZ answers to ICT skills confusion.
9. Structuring the industry academia collaboration using TRIZ
10. A quantitative evaluation framework to measure the effectiveness of TRIZ tools.
11. Tyre modification using TRIZ tools to cater for momentary loss of balance during tyre blowouts.
12. Using TRIZ Dynamization inventive principle in language modelling for Speech Recognition System.
13. Design and development of loose oil palm fruits collector machine using TRIZ.
14. Proposed improvement of current Hospital Imaging Department Queuing System using TRIZ tools.
15. Smart Lab victories and challenges: An application of TRIZ in prototyping on Pre-Universities students in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.
16. TRIZ in Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM).
17. Exploring 40 inventive principles in designing interactive shared single display groupware.
18. Implementation of TRIZ in undergraduate BEEE and BEPE engineering programmes in UNITEN – A proposal.
19. Innovative design of the Baby Carrier Appliance by using "TRIZ" Method.
20. Gamification of forty inventive principles of problem-solving: A case of TRIZ Puzzle Z.
21. Linking TRIZ with Shape Grammar to support engineers.
22. Application of TRIZ in solving material wastage in manufacturing industry: A case study.
23. Application of integrated TRIZ and Pugh Selection Method for conceptual design development: A case study on household product appliance.
24. Application of ARIZ in Grid Wireless Sensor Networks for collision reduction.
25. Transferring knowledge of solving problems using TRIZ to secondary school students.
26. Using TRIZ as a tool for ideas generation: A best practice in Product Design and Development course.
27. A TRIZ based approach to reduce unscheduled downtime in semiconductor industry.
28. The application of TRIZ to reduce speed loss in semiconductor industry.
29. TRIZ in Computing.
30. Rolling Resistance Reduction of Tyres using TRIZ tools: A prospective solution.
31. Improving HVAC system maintenance using TRIZ method.
32. Providing alternative operation solution to wheel chair with TRIZ.
33. Development of Portable Knee Rehabilitation System using TRIZ.
34. Influence of Psychological Inertia on determining the root cause.
35. Tackling Radio Frequency mesh network challenges with TRIZ framework.
36. Application of the TRIZ approach for NOx Emission Reduction in diesel engine.
37. Function model innovation.
38. Development of Self Sorting Mail Delivery System using TRIZ.
39. Development of a Wireless and Self following Luggage using TRIZ.
40. Leveraging TRIZ to deliver innovative and meaningful Employee Engagement solutions.
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you on a successful conference on 25 November 2016.
Best regards, MyTRIZ Conference 2016 Program Committee
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