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Mapping the Future with TRIZ

Mapping the Future with TRIZ - 1 day workshop by Professor Dr Darrell Mann.

Date: 17 April 2020

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Venue: To be confirmed

Registration: Not open yet (tentatively to be open by early March 2020)


Never trust anyone that tells you they can predict the future. Economists and futurologists make up the two most dysfunctional disciplines on the planet. Both, as it turns out, are victims of the Four Fallacies. When we eliminate the effects of those fallacies we find that some parts of the future prediction story are very predictable indeed. Knowing where technologies will evolve is a part of the story that turns out to be 100% predictable. And the thing that allows companies like Samsung to be generating 200 patents per week.

The part of the future story that is much less predictable is knowing when technology shifts will occur. On one hand, if we know where things are going and we patent the solutions, the when question becomes far less important – if we own the solution, we get to control if or when we deploy it. On the other hand, ten million case-study analyses tells us that, once we understand the dynamics of complex adaptive systems and are able to reduce market behaviours down to first principles, we can also do a reliable job of mapping the timing of likely market shifts.

This one day seminar is all about gaining a hands-on insight into just how predictable the future of any enterprise is.  Generation of patentable solutions guaranteed.


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