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Competition FAQ

MyTRIZ Competition Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can participate in the MyTRIZ Competition?

A; The competition is open to all problem solvers from industries, universities, government agencies and schools.


Q: How many team members per team?

A: The team can consist of minimum two members and up to three members per team.


Q: Can you change member after registration?

A: Yes, member substitution is allowed. Please update organizer accordingly of the changes.  


Q: How do I submit my proposal?

A: You can submit your team proposal via the MyTRIZ website upload or send to the contact information provided.


Q: Will I be charged for participation?

A: The participation to the MyTRIZ Competition is FREE.


Q: Can my team submit multiple proposals?

A: No limit to the number of proposals submitted but each team is only permitted to submit one proposal.  If you have two proposals, please register two teams. 


Q: How do I know that my proposal has been received?

A: An acknowledgement will be sent once you upload or email your proposal.


Q: If my team makes it to the finals, will my flights tickets and accommodation be provided?

A: Travel and accommodation expenses to the finals will have to be covered by respective teams.


Q: When will I know that I have made it to the finals?

A: Announcement will be sent via email on 30 September 2022.


Q: Who should I call if I need further information?

A: Please contact Tan Eng Hoo (012-4081353; or Dr Yeap Gik Hong (012-4602061;





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The Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ) is a non-profit organization that exists for the benefit of those who know the TRIZ methodology, want to learn TRIZ, and wish to apply TRIZ for the benefit of all mankind in the country.

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